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”I find that humor is often times the best way to get at substantial themes and questions – but to do so in a really entertaining and engaging way. Something everybody can connect to. Take ‘Dr. Strangelove’: one of my favorite movies of all time. And it’s dealing with very serious issues. But it’s hilarious.”Image

(2012, working with Christian Bale on Dark Knight Rises) ”We had a fucking great time every day working on that movie. I felt as though I’d transferred in for senior year and had a graduation celebration. You felt a huge sense of accomplishment and closure. Everyone on that movie did such good, dignified work. No one came to phone it in or just cash a check.”Image

”There is a quote that I think is attributed to Nelson Mandela. He said that our light is more frightening than our darkness because if you look at the darkness within yourself, you can make excuses and shirk the responsibility of having to do anything, and say, ‘Well, I’m not capable’. But if you recognize the powerful light that is in yourself, that we all have within ourselves, that’s scary because with that light comes a certain responsibility to live up to it and do something. I love that quote. I think about it a lot.”Image

”Acting’s really difficult to talk about. If you could talk about it so easily then you wouldn’t have to act.”Image

”The whole concept of celebrity pisses me off. While I’m not a celebrity, it’s such a weird concept that society has cooked up for us. Astronauts and teachers are much more amazing than actors.”Image

”That’s what life is: repetitive routines. It’s a matter of finding the balance between deviating from those patterns and knowing when to repeat them.”


”I’m lucky enough, I made money on television when I was young, so I don’t have to do parts to support myself. I just do stuff because it’ll be fun and challenge me.”


”Success is not important to me, nor are power or money. If the script feels good, then I’m in. It’s that simple.”