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On Work:

“My mom always said, ‘Luck is nothing but preparation and opportunity.'” -August 2009

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On Juggling Four Movies at Once:

“They’re like, ‘You know doing four movies back-to-back is going to kill you?’ and I’m, ‘Yeah, but that’s something I can take. That’s just going to be tiring, and tired doesn’t kill you.’ “

-June 2014

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On President Obama:

“I don’t care. If they don’t like me because I voted for Obama, then fuck them. I like horses and I like Obama. Nothin’ wrong with that.” -December 2012

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On Learning:

“That’s why I try to read so many books. Just so I don’t feel…uneducated.” -August 2009

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On Knowing the Future:

“I don’t want to know. I want to have a real clear intention of what I want and then go for that–and I don’t want to know if it’s going to happen.” -June 2014

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On His Stripping Career: 

“Okay, we’re going to do this for a little while just to be crazy and insane; then we’re getting out.” -March 2011

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