My Close Encounter with Lions in Botswana


lion whisperers modisa botswana by nicolai frederk bonnen rossen (22)

Photographer Nicolai Frederik Bonnén Rossen poses with a Lion

26-year-old Nicolai Frederik Bonnén Rossen is a freelance photographer and strategic adviser/publicist. Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, Rossen is passionate about travel, writing and photography.

Last year Rossen traveled to Botswana on assignment for Børsen, a well-known financial daily in Denmark. The story produced the series of unforgettable images seen below and would nearly cost Rossen his right hand.

The Sifter recently interviewed the intrepid photographer to learn more about his close encounter with lions of the Kalahari.

lion whisperers modisa botswana by nicolai frederk bonnen rossen (17)

What made you decide to go to Botswana
and document this story?

These guys [MODISA] were originally introduced to me via a mutual friend from South Africa. Was instantly fascinated with their story. Knew they wouldn’t be able to afford a publicist, so decided to call up some connections of mine at the…

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Blending Day and Night into a Single Photograph



With over two decades of professional experience, photographer Stephen Wilkes is well known for his fine and commercial photography. With countless awards, honours and five major exhibitions in the last five years alone, it’s very possible you’ve already come across Stephen’s incredible work.

In the series entitled Day to Night, Wilkes took hundreds of photographs over the span of a day (some shots took up to 15 hours), carefully adjusting the shutter to allow for proper exposure as the sun set. To create the images below, Wilkes blends about 50 images into one incredible large-format panoramic.

The images below do not do justice to seeing these works in-person, as the final output were limited edition, gallery prints sized at 30″ x 40″ (76 x 101 cm) and 48″ x 60″ (122 x 152 cm). The first photograph in this series was the one of the High Line as part…

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